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Video Update: BTCUSD And BCHUSD


May 16 2019

Two weeks back we shared our view on bitcoin cash and highlighted bullish pattern that was pointing higher back at the time.

Here is now video update.



Bullish Impulse on USD Index Looking For A Top!


May 15 2019
Hello traders!

Today we are going to share with you our analysis on the USD index, and its daily time frame.

USD Index is in a bullish impulse up from 2018 lows; now with final wave 5) in play. Wave 5) that is unfolding out of a triangle correction can be an EW ending diagonal, a powerful reversal pattern that can once fully developed push price into a sharp three-wave reversal. Accompanying current EW ending diagonal are two Fibonacci ratios 38.2 and 200.0, which can react as resistance for the index.
A later drop in impulsive fashion, and below the lower Elliott wave channel line connected from 2018 lows would be a signal for a top in place, and more weakness to follow.

Trade well!

USD index, Daily


10 Year US Notes in A Correction


May 13 2019
Hello traders!

Today we are going to share with you our analysis on the 10 Year US Notes, and its daily time frame.

10 Year US notes have turned bullish in 2018 and made clear five waves up from that October low. We know that five wave structure represents a strong trend, so that’s the direction in which we want to track the market. However, nothing moves in straight lines, there are always pullbacks; like five steps forward three steps back. So this trend may resume once we will see an (A)-(B)-(C) retracement which will ideally happen from the area of a former wave four. Notice that this is still far away so for now, more weakness may occur before bulls go back in control.

Trade well!

10 Year US Notes, Daily


EURAUD May Turn Bearish from 1.6150-1.6250 Area


May 07 2019
Hello traders!
We have decided to share with you our analysis on EURAUD as we think that there is a clear pattern that may send prices lower in weeks ahead.

Looking at the daily chart , we have seen a huge spike up to 1.6550 level at the beginning of 2019, which we think was the top of wave 5/C, especially due to the decline that followed later and which can be already as part of a bearish reversal since it unfolded impulsively.
Following that fall from the highs, we can see that EURAUD was more or less sideways as seen on the 4h chart, which looks like a correction based on price structure and personality. That said, we believe that EURAUD can be trading in a flat correction since we have seen a three-wave rally in wave A) and then a complex corrective decline into a new low for wave B). So, current recovery must be part of wave C), which should be made by five waves that can be either an impulse or maybe even a slow overlapped wave structure for an ending diagonal (wedge pattern).
If we are on the right path then EURAUD is still underway back above previous wave A) swing high towards ideal 50%-61,8% Fibonacci retracement and 1.6150-1.6250 resistance area where bulls may start slowing down. We would be willing to look for possible short opportunities once we will be able to recognize the end of wave C. For now, we think it’s too early.

Trade well!

EURAUD, Daily + 4H


Price Structure and Personality Suggests Higher Prices on BCHUSD


May 02 2019
Guys, I hope you have a great day,

After a long time here is a new free video update on bitcoin cash .

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SP500 Targets at 3020, or 3400?!


April 28 2019
If you are our member and follower for more than 6 months or if you are on our newsletter list then you know that we have been showing an incomplete bullish trend on SP500 back in December, when we also sent out free report (click here to see). We showed both DAX and SP500 in fourth wave pullback and fifth wave up in view which is now in full progress. I went through some of the longer-term global indexes and noticed that some of them are already at all-time highs, but some has still plenty of room to hit them. So today, when I looked at SP500 I think that there can be higher prices into wave five of five. Normally on stocks the last leg of a bull market is strong and extended, caused by euphoria before market turns to the opposite side. I still do not see that euphoria so think that trend on SP500 is stable and it may progress towards 3400/3500 area, especially if we consider that other index are still far away from their all-time highs that are expected to be taken out anyway. But nothing moves in straight line, there are always pullbacks on smaller time frames, so maybe a new set-back will show from first interesting 3000/3050 area.



Dollar Index Moves Out Of A Triangle


April 27 2019
Hi traders,

The USD Dollar index moved out of a triangle and broke higher into a fifth wave. But remember wave 5 is final leg of a five wave structure, so the question is if reversal is coming? Well, dollar positioning is also at some extreme levels of the last 12 months.

For more details please check video below.

Trade well,


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