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DAX Before And After Charts


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September 08 2016

Here we can see how nicely German DAX played out from a technical perspective. Index made a nice set-back into blue wave iv and later continued higher in wave five, close to 10800 region from where sellers caused a strong drop to 10570 area. The question is the following; "Did market reacted how it did because of ECB today", or, "Is it because of technicals and market psychology? Make your own conclusion, but if you are looking at charts then clearly techical view should matter a lot with your trading decision.

German DAX #1

German DAX #2

German DAX #3

Gold Can Break To A New High Of 2016


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September 07 2016

An updated chart on Gold shows a deep three wave contra-trend move; an A)-B)-C) set-back that now clearly appears finished after another bullish push to around 1350 level in the last 24 hours. Whole leg up from 1302 low is very strong and much sharper than any bearish leg within a pullback from 1375 highs. As such, we think that money is on the bullish side now and that market will continue even higher after any short-term retracement which should represent a minor correction within uptrend. Next solid set-back will be a black wave 4 that may show up from around 1356-1364 short-term resistance levels.


EURAUD Can Find Support At 1.4600-1.4660


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September 05 2019

We have talked about a triangle on EURAUD last week and highlighted 1.4848 as an important level that must be broken for a bullish case. This did not happen so obviously it was a triangle placed in wave B) and not wave four as discussed on twitter. Price is much lower now following Friday's disappointment on NFP figures, but despite new leg down we still see decline from 1.4890 as temporary and corrective movement. It's an A)-B)-C) against previous five wave rise, so we think that sooner or later new swing low will occur. Based on Fibonacci projections this may happens somewhere between1.4600 and 1.4660. A five wave bounce from there (on lower time frame) would be very interesting to join the trend.


Bearish H&S On USDCAD


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August 30 2016

On USDCAD we are looking at a big bearish headed and shoulders pattern with more upside possible in September, towards 1.3440 resistance area where upside can be limited as we think that this pair formed an important top at 1.4700 mark in January of this year.

You know what is good thing about old school analysis, such as H&S pattern? That you can apply it very well with Elliott Waves. The question is, do you see the EW pattern? It's pretty clear to me; wave A down, now wave B up, so wave C down yet to come.

Crude Oil Can See Higher Prices


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August 26 2016

In our new video analysis we will talk about Crude oil which may see higher prices based on Elliott Wave, Head and Shoulders pattern and Moving Averages.


USDTRY Shows A Triangle Pattern


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July 18 2016

Turkish Lyra fell sharply on Friday against the USD, but market is now reversing those losses after situation in Turkey calmed down surprisingly very fast. An updated count shows a possibility of a triangle where wave E) is still missing, so make sure not to fall into this bullish sentiment on USDTRY too soon, as we see a possible pullback in play now to around 2.8400 area before real and strong bullish reaction will show up.

Crude OIL Could Resume The Uptrend


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June 28 2016

Crude oil turned nicely down at the start of the month from 51.65 where market completed extended blue wave three, so our wave count suggests that recent bearish structure with three legs is wave four. In fact, decline from 50.52, labeled as wave C), already spiked beneath wave A) levels so minimum requirements for a valid correction were met, thus new bullish turn can be around the corner. Rise above 48.43 would suggest that lows are in. Overall,  we believe that sooner or later energy will rally back to 51.65 highs.

Crude OIL, 4H

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