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Stocks Rally; Seeking Longs On Yen Crosses


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Feb 12 2014

The US stocks once again moved nicely to the upside, so I am already wondering if maybe we have seen a completed correction at 1732 on the S&P500 and if market is already heading up to new all-time highs again . At the same time we can also see that some commodities are following stocks, while the FX is surprisingly very slow and not responding much to other markets. Even USDJPY is lagging for the last few 24-48 hours which is tracking the S&P500 quite nicely.

S&P500 vs USDJPY 4h

With bullish stocks and USDJPY we still think that opportunities are on the short side of Japanese yen against the other currencies. However, we would need some pullback on Yen-crosses before we may look for any trading candidates in the risk-on environment. A pullback could unfold soon if we consider that the S&P is in final stages of an impulsive rally. I can count five waves up from 1732, so we may see a downward correction in the rest of the week. A set-back on stocks would then most likely cause also a pullback on Yen pairs. Short-term resistance on the S&P futures is at 1820-1830

S&P500 (Mar 2014) 1h

EURJPY is showing nice five waves from the lows, so maybe wave B retracement back to 138.10/90 area will offer some long entries.


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Elliott Waves For USDCAD: Downward Correction


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Feb 07 2014

USDCAD has turned south last week from around 1.1220 where we see signs of a completed wave (v) of 3 with an ending diagonal formation at the end of extended move that typically confirms a bearish reversal. As such, we suspect that pair is now moving down in corrective black wave 4 that may reach 1.0940 area that comes in around 38.2% Fibonacci level near former wave (iv). Corrections are three wave patterns, so looks like pair will stay sideways or bearish for few more days. We see wave (b) now unfolding with wave (c) yet to come. We would be interested in longs once wave 4 will show us evidences of a completed set-back.

4h chart

EURUSD; Bearish Price Action In Progress


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Jan 31 2014

The EURUSD has turned down from above 1.3700 area where we labeled end of an expanded flat formation that now shows signs of completion after sharp fall down to 1.3500. Current decline is showing signs of an impulsive price action so we suspect that EURUSD is heading much lower. Trend is down as long as 1.3683 remains in place.

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USDCAD Daily: Bullish Impulse


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Jan 29 2014

USDCAD is moving nicely to the upside, most likely trading higher within impulsive structure after recent strong and sharp extended move up from 1.0580. Based on the personality of the move and acceleration after break out of the base channel, we suspect that pair is in wave three of three, typically the strongest wave in the sequence. However, we see some Fibonacci levels at 1.1200 and 1.1380 zone where pair may find a temporary resistance, but only temporary for a pullback down in black wave 4 to that base channel where upper trendline may cause a new leg up on the pair.

S&P500: Uptrend Could Slowdown In February


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Jan 20 2014

S&P500 reversed back to new all time highs recently after completed corrective retracement at 1754 in mid-December which was wave (iv) within larger wave 3. As such, price is now moving up in wave (v), final leg of a five wave move that could stop at 1850-1880 projected Fibonacci zone. From that region we expect a deeper retracement back in another fourth wave, but of a higher degree. We are talking about black wave 4 that could get underway in February.

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Jan 16 2014

GOLD did not move much lately, but price seems to be lagging compared to AUDUSD. Notice that these two markets where moving nicely together in the last couple of months so we suspect that correlation will get back to normal. As such, with more downside in view on AUDUSD we think that GOLD will also turn south.


Crude Oil Now In Upward Correction


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Jan 14 2014

It seems that crude oil is finally forming a reversal that we have been looking for after five legs down from above 100.70. We think that current leg up represents part of a deeper corrective retracement, labeled as wave (ii) that may reach 94.25 maybe even 96.00 area before downtrend may resume again. Keep in mind that this market has been falling strongly lately, so contra trend move or larger pause should not be a surprise.

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