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AUDUSD Video Analysis: Buyers Are Waiting


Oct 01 2021

Hello traders.

Today we will talk about Aussie which is in a downtrend for the last few months, because of a lockdown in Australia and speculation regarding FED tapering which makes USD strong. However, lockdowns are expected to be removed in Australia in October, so economic activity is expected to go back to normal which can be positive for AUDUSD. In fact, we have a very similar price action compared to last year, when market also topped in September and then bottomed through October and November after lockdowns were removed. So, can we see something similar this year? Indeed we can, but HSI (Hang Seng Index) is an issue here, however, in this video will show you a 40-50week cycle that can project end of a bear market on HSI. At the same time we see COT data at extremes with short positions, so  may change in weeks ahead which can cause a shift in trend.

Elliott Wave Analysis: NZDJPY Is Looking For The 5th Wave


Sep 23 2021

Hello traders!

Today we will talk about NZDJPY pair, its price action from technical point of view and wave structure from Elliott wave perspective.

As you can see NZDJPY is trading bullish , ideally within a five-wave impulse from the March 2020 lows, mainly because of current slow price action and corrective wave structure with perfect support at the 50% Fibo. retracement of wave 3 that belongs to wave 4.

Well, we believe that there can be room for more upside within wave 5 to complete a five-wave cycle before we will see bigger and deeper corrective decline, especially because of recent break above channel resistance line, so watch out for a continuation higher towards 82-84 area.

Trade well!

Elliott Wave Analysis: NZDJPY Is Looking For The 5th Wave by ew-forecast on

Elliott Waves; Bitcoin Resumes Weakness, Watching 37-40k Area


Sep 20 2021

Hello traders!

Cryptocurrencies are resuming it's weakness and starting to accelerate as stocks go to risk-off mode. Looks like there is room for 37-40k area, after that you have gap near 33k.

Have a great day.

Elliott Waves; Bitcoin Resumes Weakness, Watching 37-40k Area by ew-forecast on

Elliott Wave Analysis: ZOOM Could Become Attractive Again


Aug 26 2021

Hello traders and investors!

Today we will talk about single stock ZOOM, in which we see pretty nice and clean pattern.

As you can see, ZOOM made quite big decline since October 2020 till May 2021, lost more than 50%, but it looks like a three-wave a-b-c correction within a higher degree wave 4, especially if we consider recent strong and impulsive bounce from the projected support zone , which confirms a completed correction within uptrend that can send the price back to highs for wave 5.

Furthermore, we can currently see a nice three-wave (a)-(b)-(c) setback of a lower degree which may belong to a subwave "ii" of a higher degree wave 5. So, if ZOOM manages to recovery back above 400 region once again, then we can easily expect a bullish continuation back to highs, probably within a new five-wave cycle for wave 5.

What is also important to mention is that holidays nearing the end, so schools and everything else start in September which means that there will definitely be more demand for ZOOM.

In case if the price stay slow and sideways, we can also consider a bigger bullish triangle pattern , so bigger and longer consolidation within that higher degree wave 4 correction before we will see a continuation higher.

Elliott Wave Analysis: ZOOM Could Become Attractive Again by ew-forecast on

Elliott Wave Analysis And Correlation Between OIL and CADJPY


Aug 25 2021

Hello traders!

Today we will talk about Crude oil and its positive correlation with CADJPY currency pair.

As you can see, Crude oil and CADJPY are in tight positive correlation and both made a complex W-X-Y corrective decline from the highs with nice and strong support from April/May.

The main reason why they are correlated is because Canada has one of the largest OIL reserves, that's why CAD is strong when OIL is up. If we also consider risk-on sentiment, where OIL is bullish and JP yen currency bearish , then we get that result.

Well, respecting the price action and wave structures, with current strong and impulsive rebound, it looks like a correction within uptrend can be completed and we can expect further rally at least in three waves, so more upside can be seen after a short-term pullback, maybe even back to highs.

Elliott Wave Analysis And Correlation Between OIL and CADJPY by ew-forecast on

Surfing the Waves August 24 2021 - Video Update


August 24 2021

Hey traders!

Below is new video analysis for EURUSD, AUDUSD, GOLD, OIL AND NZDJPY, sponsored by

QE Tapering Delay Can Support Gold


Aug 23 2021

Fed's Kaplan noted that they are watching Delta variant, and says he may need to adjust view regarding tapering. This is very important for speculators who were recently betting on the USD as this can limit the USD strenght if it proves correct.

In such situation traders may turn back to gold where price recovered back to $1800 and even erased all of the losses after the crash from a two weeks back. Rally, in fact, is in five waves which is very bullish for metal. At the same time, we are looking at the TLT as confirmation regarding lower US yeilds/higher notes, while DXY can be trading at resistance of a three wave rally up from January.

Take care,


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