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Aud/Usd: Moving Towards Parity


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Oct 25 2010

Aud/Usd is trading towards 1.0000 level as expected, as prices made a corrective pull-back in the past week, bottomed at 0.9658 region, labelled as a black wave 4. Wave 5 is now in process and should break above parity level in the near future, which will put 1.0100-1.0150 targets in play. Keep in mind that wave 5 is a motive wave, so it needs to be structured by five waves, before we may look for any type of a larger reversal!

Aud/Usd 4h chart:

Oil: Unfinished Uptrend


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Oct 26 2010

Oil was trading lower over the past few trading days, and formed a very choppy and slow pull-back. A personalty of a prices action looks very corrective, which means that higher levels are expected, since we came out with a complex (W)-(X)-(Y) pattern. A powerful bounce from 80.40 region seen over the past sessions suggests that an early moves of a red wave 5) are underway. More strenght expected towards and above 84.30!

Oil 4h chart:

Gold Intra-day: Near-term Bullish


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Oct 26 2010

Gold should be headed higher in the very near term, at least towards the 1360, as we anticipate at least three wave move on the upside from 1315 lows; either you count a decline from 1387 highs as a five wave move or a complex double zig-zag correction.

Gold was pulled lower recently in three wave structure from 1349, which should be only a second, but corrective wave of that three wave bounce that is unfolding. Break of 1349 resistance will put wave (iii)/(c) in play. Wave count remains valid as long as prices trade above 1315 support zone

Gold 1h chart:

Usd/Jpy: Bullish Reversal!?


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Oct 28 210

Usd/Jpy: Bullish Reversal!?

Usd/Jpy formed a sharp impulsive downtrend over the past few weeks, from 85.95 top, which was established after the BOJ intervened in September. Obviously, intervention did not work as pair formed a nice five wave, called an impulsive decline with a recent low at 80.40. Always when five sequence is finished, a correction in the opposite direction occurs; and this is exactly what is unfolding right now on Usd/Jpy. In Elliott Wave theory a correction is always structured minimum by three waves, and since we can see only one leg from the lows we anticipate at least one more push higher after a wave (2)/(B) pull-back is finished. Another evidence for a temporary change in trend is also a broken trend line, connected from 85.95 highs, which may react as a support in the near future, plus bullish divergence on the RSI.

Usd/Jpy 4h chart:

If we go down to 1h chart, then we can see that an impulsive structure from 80.40 found the top yesterday, somewhere around 82.00 region, from where market formed a three wave of decline, which should be a corrective A)-B)-C) move within a blue wave (2)/(B). Traders may keep an eye on a significant support region shown around 81.00-81.15, from where upward continuation could be seen. Wave count and bullish bias remains valid as long as the pair trades above 80.40 lows.

Usd/Jpy 1h chart:

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(Video) Elliott Wave Review Ahead Of The GDP


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Oct 29 2010

(Video) Elliott Wave Review Ahead Of The GDP

(Video) Usd/Jpy Upade


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Oct 30 2010

Video- Usd/Jpy Update of an article "Usd/Jpy: Bullish Reversal!?" (scroll down)

We were looking for a Long opportunity on Usd/JPy in the past week, but prices fell into a new low on Friday; And here is the great question from a reader "How can Elliott Wave Theory explain a 5 wave move of the lows being fully retraced in USDJPY?"

Answer in the video

(Video) More US dollar Weakness?


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Nov 02 2010

Elliott Wave Video Update (Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd, Usd/Chf, Oil)

Global markets are trading higher since the GDP numbers were released on Friday, pushing the US dollar lower across the board, especially against the Australian dollar as the RBA unexpectedly hikes rates to 4.75%.

However, in this free Elliott wave video review you will notice that US dollar is not headed lower only against Australian dollar, it also looks bearish against the Swiss franc and Euro which should break out of the triangle structure soon!

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