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A Positive Correlation Between Coffee and BRL


July 16 2019

Good morning fellow traders!

As you may already know, Coffee and Brazilian Real (BRL) are in tight correlation which can be clearly seen in the correlation chart below where we see USDBRL in orange turning lower, while Coffee can be putting in a low at the same time. But the most interesting part is the wave structure, so with the help of the Elliott wave model, we can easily put both markets into the one context. We assume that coffee futures will continue to rise while USDBRL will be declining.

Coffee vs USDBRL, Daily

Looking at the Daily Coffee chart, we can clearly see a strong bounce with five waves from the 88.0 region that can be suggesting a bullish reversal after a completed big ending diagonal, and at the same time we can see a nice bearish setup on USDBRL, especially after that five-wave intraday decline. In Elliott Wave theory, after every five waves, a three-wave pullback follows, so be aware of a temporary correction before a bullish continuation on Coffee and bearish trend on USDBRL resumes

However, we do not track these markets often, but we love to look at them if we spot something interesting.

Trade well

Coffee + USDBRL, daily

Is AUDUSD Headed Higher?


June 26 2019

Hello fellow traders!

AUDUSD is currently recovering from the 0.683 area, suggesting that a bullish continuation can be unfolding on the pair, especially when we connected the pair and its positive correlation with gold. On gold we see price breaking out of a triangle correction with five waves, which are still not visible, so be aware of more gains, ideally towards the 1485/1550 region.

For a better understanding what the market is doing, check the newest VIDEO analysis about the mentioned pair, and commodity.


EW Analysis: Bitcoin Can Be Approaching Important Resistance!


June 18 2019

Hello Crypto lovers!
Today we will talk about Bitcoin BITSTAMP:BTCUSD!!

Bitcoin is in a strong uptrend since the beginning of 2019, but current intraday rise seems to be out of a triangle. What do you know about triangles?! Yes, triangles are corrective and continuation patterns, but they usually occur in wave "iv", so after a break out into a wave "v", we should be aware of a potential reversal since we know that in EW theory after every five waves, a three-wave pullback follows! So, do you see what's happening?!

The next important chart is definitely Bitcoin Futures . History is telling us that these GAPs which occur over the weekend, they usually get filled. If we take a look on BTC Futures chart, we can see two unfilled GAPs, so don't be surprised if we see a bigger decline soon, ideally back to projected support around 7200 - 6200 area!

Another evidence of a potential decline in the Crypto market can be Bitcoin Dominance chart! What we currently see is a corrective recovery in wave B within an expanded flat pattern, so seems like even BTC dominance might be approaching resistance soon.

That being said, not only BTC , many other ALTs are looking for a deeper correction, so if we respect those evidences and correlations with ALTs, then we should be really aware of a potential drop , ideally around 9500 - 10000 resistance area .

Be humble and trade smart.

BTCUSD, BTCUSD Futures, BTCUSD Dominance charts, 4h


NZDUSD Analysis; 50 Pips/50 Push-ups challenge


June 03 2019

Hello traders!
A week back I promised to our members that I will make 50 push-ups if NZDUSD will see a 50 pip bounce. Guess what, pair moved straight up afterwards and for now it seems it may gain even more strength based on the Elliott Wave Structure.
Enjoy the video,


Video Update: BTCUSD And BCHUSD


May 16 2019

Two weeks back we shared our view on bitcoin cash and highlighted bullish pattern that was pointing higher back at the time.

Here is now video update.



Bullish Impulse on USD Index Looking For A Top!


May 15 2019
Hello traders!

Today we are going to share with you our analysis on the USD index, and its daily time frame.

USD Index is in a bullish impulse up from 2018 lows; now with final wave 5) in play. Wave 5) that is unfolding out of a triangle correction can be an EW ending diagonal, a powerful reversal pattern that can once fully developed push price into a sharp three-wave reversal. Accompanying current EW ending diagonal are two Fibonacci ratios 38.2 and 200.0, which can react as resistance for the index.
A later drop in impulsive fashion, and below the lower Elliott wave channel line connected from 2018 lows would be a signal for a top in place, and more weakness to follow.

Trade well!

USD index, Daily


10 Year US Notes in A Correction


May 13 2019
Hello traders!

Today we are going to share with you our analysis on the 10 Year US Notes, and its daily time frame.

10 Year US notes have turned bullish in 2018 and made clear five waves up from that October low. We know that five wave structure represents a strong trend, so that’s the direction in which we want to track the market. However, nothing moves in straight lines, there are always pullbacks; like five steps forward three steps back. So this trend may resume once we will see an (A)-(B)-(C) retracement which will ideally happen from the area of a former wave four. Notice that this is still far away so for now, more weakness may occur before bulls go back in control.

Trade well!

10 Year US Notes, Daily


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