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Gold "Upward Correction To Come"


Jul 21 2010

Gold reached new lows over the past trading days as expected, after the upward corrective wave 4) found the top at 1218 region. Wave 5) already broke through the 1185 wave 3) lows, which means that a while five wave move of decline from 1265 top can complete very soon!! Traders must realize, that always when five waves are shown, a correction will be seen, which means that temporary bottom on gold could be extremely near. New short positions are not recommended in this zone!!

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Gold 4h chart:


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Jul 23 2010

Eur/Usd found a temporary bottom yesterday around 1.2731 as the equity and commodity market moved higher. The prices bounced from the black support line connected from 1.2148 region, which definitely needs to be taken out, before bears are confirmed. At the moment it is unclear, if this recent small decline from 1.3030 top is only a correction, blue wave (4) maybe, or is this already the first leg of some larger decline, red wave 1) maybe?! Traders that are bearish should pay attention on 1.3031 top which must hold.

Eur/Usd 4h chart:

Usd/Jpy "Correction Completed" ?


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Jul 26 2010

An upward correction is shown on Usd/Jpy, which moved higher recently, just above the 87.56 region from where a turning point is expected. An upward corrective structure seems to be a double zig-zag pattern, labeled as (w)-(x)-(y). If that is the case, then prices should turn into a lower black wave 5 soon, with moves towards the 86.30 lows, while the pair trades below 88.37 wave 1 region. Bears to come!

Usd/Jpy 4h chart:

Oil "Correction Unfolding"


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Jul 27 2010

An upward correction on oil, shown from 67 low is still underway, and may reach the 83.00 region, before top of a corrective wave II is seen. An upward bounce is a double zig-zag pattern, with wave (C) of (Y) in process. Once wave II is finished, a huge and powerful turning point will be seen!! Prices must not expected 87.00 top from May 3rd.

Oil daily chart:

S&P 500 "Corrective Uptrend"


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Jul 27 2010

The S&P moved above the 1100 region on Friday, and even higher yesterday with moves towards the 1114 region. The price action suggests that a red wave 3) of blue (C) is now in process, which is trading close to 161.8% and 261.8% Fibonacci extension levels, from where we may see some down-side pressure, into a corrective red wave 4). Overall, bulls remain in play as long as the prices trade above the 1088 wave 1) top.

S&P 1h chart:

Cable Searching for a Top


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Jul 28 2010

Cable is still trading powerfully higher since the 1.5118 zone was reached, and has been one of the strongest currencies since then. As such, the recent decline from 1.5470 top was only a corrective A)-B)-C), zig-zag pattern, which means that impulsive structure is now underway, a blue wave (C) that may find the top very soon, somewhere around Fibonacci resistance region maybe?!

Gbp/Usd 4h chart:

Usd/Chf Lows in place?!


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Jul 29 2010

Usd/Chf moved nicely higher over the past few days, and is showing quite sharp structure from its lows, which could be a red wave 1), a first leg of some larger bullish move. As such, traders must be very careful and patient now as a corrective pull-back may be see in the near-term, shown as a red wave 2). Overall, bulls are now in play, as long as the 1.0393 lows are in place!

Usd/Chf 4h chart:

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