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Triangle on EOSUSD Points Lower


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Oct 29 2018

Not only EOS, the whole Crypto market looks slow and corrective within still ongoing bearish trend! Honestly, we don't see any bullish evidences and if we listen to the price action and if we respect correlations, then we should be aware of more weakness in the Crypto market.

So, looking at EOS 4-hour chart, we can see a five-wave sideways movement a-b-c-d-e with three legs in each wave which can be forming a triangle pattern. In EW theory, a triangle is a corrective pattern that indicates a continuation of the trend. That said, seems like EOS can be headed lower while it's trading beneath 6.1 region, but keep in mind that this triangle may become even more complex, so invalidation area remains at 6.8 level. However, to confirm a completed bearish triangle pattern, we need a break below 5.0 region that can open door for new lows even towards 3.5 area!

Also, keep in mind that this can be the final leg into new lows before a bullish reversal, which means that downside can be limited, so watch out for spikes as well!
Only an impulsive rally back above 7-8 area would indicate a bullish reversal, until then we have to remain in bearish mode!


3 Mins Video: EURUSD, BUND and USDJPY


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Oct 26 2018

Hi all,

Yesterday I recorded almost 30mins long video analysis, covered a lot of major markets and important developments. However, I decided to give you a free update here on EURUSD and USDJPY.

Trade well!

EURUSD Finds Support, Now Eyeing 1.17


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Oct 16 2018

EURUSD found some support at 1.1429 where pair completed a five wave fall from 1.1816, which can be either final leg of an A-B-C flat, or maybe resumption of a downtrend. My primary count is a flat, which means that new leg up to 1.19 can be coming. But as a trader and analyst I always try to focus on minimum expectations and not predict the next move too far into the future. I want to go with a step-by-step process. That said, I have an ALT label also on that same chart, a top of wave four at 1.1816, but even this one suggests more upside as recovery against that five wave fall should be made by three waves minimum. That said, no matter how I look a the price move of EURUSD I think there is a chance that pair will see 1.1670/1.1700 area based on two different interpretations.
You know, its always good to plan your next trade from a different perspectives and based on minimum expected move, to build a valid reward-risk set-up (2 or 3:1), but If your maximum or primary levels are meet then trade award will increase significantly.

I wish you a good trading decisions,


FX Elliott Wave Video Update


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Oct 02 2018


Because of a lot of request for chart updates on twitter I have decided to make a coverage of some markets in todays video format. Its much easier.
I covered GBP, EUR, SP500, DAX, OIL, GOLD, CHF.



BITCOIN Remains Trapped In Bearish Consolidation


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Sep 24 2018

Bitcoin is trading bearish for the whole 2018 year and seems like it can stay under pressure till the end of 2018.

As you know, an ending diagonal is one option as Grega highlighted it in video analysis (click here) and what we currently also see is a bearish triangle in progress, which is a continuation pattern, so another leg to the downside can be coming which Grega highlighted it as well in his outlook. We don't actually believe that BTC will turn up until we see a break into new lows first.

We are sharing an interesting chart below, which has many evidences of a bearish continuation. Firstly, as we said its a bearish triangle in progress due to repeated three leg structures within a sideways range, so trend remains down since we havent seen any five wave bounce from the lows. Another evidence is a potential H&S pattern, which also suggest more weakness once/if we see a broken neckline. There are also many strong trendlines that can act as resistance here around 7k. So as long market is trading below 8500 region, we have to remain bearish.

Ideally we will see a continuation down soon, possibly towards projected 5k-4k area, maybe even a bottom in that zone early in 2019. However, for now we have to keep an eye on potential break below 6100 as this would be confirmation for more weakness.

Weekly Pattern On Dax Shows Room For 14k


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Sep 14 2018

Dax is trading lower or sideways I should say since 2018, and at the moment its in strong negative correlation with SP500 if we consider that US stocks are at ATH. But this divergence has been the case several times through the past few years so this is not any real big issue yet, but when global stocks do not agree or move the same it may be an evidence that market is maybe approaching a top that can be seen in years ahead.

However, before I may consider a top I have to see a completed pattern. But when looking at the trend from 8700 area I do not see five waves up yet, so it makes me think that reversal down from the January of this year is wave IV. This is a pause within ongoing trend, so I assume that fifth wave is still coming. The only question is, if this new leg up will come from a triangle or after deep A-B-C pullback in wave IV? In either case I think it’s worth to keep an eye for evidence of a bullish continuation, after A-B-C-D-E subwaves if 11700 holds, or from 11280 if mentioned swing is broken. Time is needed in both cases as corrective set-back is not done yet, but I remain bullish for 14000-15000 while market is above the lowest trendline of an 8-year old channel.

Trade well,

EURUSD and USDCAD On Radar Screen


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Aug 31 2018

Do you know what is the most important as a trader? It’s to have your own bias, opinion, but at the same time to be “open minded” and be willing to listen the market and adjust the view whenever that’s needed.

My full time job is analysis, so trading is like a half-time job I would say, because I am not constantly risking my money. Analysis its very important for me, and I have to spent hours before I find some trade set-up, if there is any! Normally I analyze 80-90% of the time, and trade only 10%, so even trading requires a lot of work, no doubt!

As a trader, its important to consider both sides of the market, bull or bear, no matter what my analysis says, because we don’t know what market will actually do, so it’s good to be prepared rather than be surprised. With that being said, I am tracking EURUSD and USDCAD pairs for next week, but what is interesting is that I have EURUSD on my watchlist for possible longs on pullback, but at the same time also looking at USD for possible longs against CAD. I have no idea which one I will trade next week, but what I like about them is the price structure, but as always I have to be patient here before I make decision.

On EURUSD we can see a very nice five wave recovery from 1.1300 area into 1.1730/50 resistance where wave A can be done, so with that being said I am interested in longs but after wave B pullback. Corrective wave B usually retraces back to former wave four and at least for 38.2% so I definitely need to see pair trading around 1.1530/50 before I may consider longs. So nothing useful yet, but I have it on my radar screen.

EURUSD 4h Chart

Then next pair that I have it on my list is USDCAD that I would be willing to buy since move down from June highs unfolded in seven swings. But just because I can count complex correction down, it doesn’t means that decline is really completed. As always, I need bullish confirmation, and that would be only if pair breaks above upper trendline resistance. In such case, I would be interested for longs on a pullback.

USDCAD 4h Chart

So, as you might noticed I have two different ideas there for next week; dollar long or dollar short and I have no issues with that since I am tracking this market from a trader’s perspective. Its not about being right; its about trading in the direction of market moves. So if dollar will be strong next week, I am prepared! If dollar falls, I am ready as well! Trading and analyzing is not the same thing, but I cannot imagine trading without making an analyzes first.

Trade well,



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