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EURUSD : Correction Could Be Underway


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Oct 30 2015

EURUSD fell again on Wednesday after recent consolidation to 1.1090 that we labeled it as wave 4. After that we have seen wave 5 down now that hit 261.8% extension of wave 1 measured from wave 2, so it means that support can be near. We can already see some recovery back to 1.1000 so ideally correction is now in play towards1.1100-1.1150 resistance area, from where new leg down may occur at the start of November.

#We knew that EUR weakness is coming already already at the start of October. We highlighted this also in our video analysis on Oct 14th in which we covered USDCHF as well. CLICK HERE


S&P500 : Uptrend Could Continue


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Oct 28 2015

On the intraday chart of the S&P500 Futures contract we see a nice and slow pullback which has a corrective personality so it confirms the fact that retracement is just temporary and part of incomplete uptrend. We see it as a blue wave (iv), which will typically retrace back to the area of a former wave four and for 38.2% compared to wave three. In our case we can see this interesting zone coming in at 2050-2053 so ideally price will bounce higher from here. We think that uptrend will continue to 2085 soon.

S&P500, 1H

USD Index Resumed The Uptrend


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Oct 23 2015

USD index made an impressive run higher in the last 24 hours, to the upper side of a trading channel where gains can be limited, but not for long. What we see is wave (iii) at the high so pullback will be wave (iv) that can retrace back to 96.00 area before uptrend will continue. We think that price is headed up to 97.00 area in the next few trading days.

USD Index, 4h

VIDEO ANALYSIS: Strong USD Not Confirmed Yet, Against EUR and CHF


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Oct 14 2015

Checkout our latest video analysis for the USD, EUR and CHF. We are waiting on some important price action before continuation of a USD trend can be confirmed. Patience is the key!


GOLD : Bearish Reversal In Sight


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Oct 07 2015

GOLD has recovered nicely in the last few days but move from 1104 is in three waves, currently with price trading at trendline resistance. Not only that; notice that leg up from around 1130 is much slower compared to previous sharp rise which is telling us that bullish momentum is decreasing which can lead to bearish reversal. Also trendline is already out for a few points which can cause much deeper sell-off. Ideally price will make a three waves down into wave E.


GBPCAD : Downward Correction In Play Towards 1.9600


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Oct 06 2015

On the Daily chart of GBPCAD, we see a nice bullish cycle from April lows. It looks like trend made a top in red wave (v) and now we expect the price to make a three wave retracement.

Red waves (a) and (b) seems to be completed, because of a sharp reversal to the downside into a red wave (c), which should have an impulsive structure, that means five waves down that we are tracking on 4h chart. Ideally price will continue to around 1.9600 - 1.9700 area, down to Fibonacci level of 50% of a previous big five waves up shown on the Daily chart.

GBPCAD, Daily and 4h

GBPUSD : Corrective Recovery Is Pointing Lower


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Sep 24 2015

Pound is falling sharply away from 1.5657 area where we were looking for a bearish reversal last week as we were tracking move from September lows as a temporary recovery. Well, latest decline out of a corrective channel and beneath 1.5327 wave B swing low confirmed end of a zigzag at recent high. That said, a whole corrective bounce from 1.5160 should be fully retraced which means that pound will fall further. However, we may see some minor rally to around 1.5330 resistance before downtrend may resume.

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