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USD -Index: Testing 61.8% Fibo Of July - September 2012 Move


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Feb 27 2013

USD index recovered very sharply last week but don't let the strong rally trick you. The fact is that current sharp leg up could easily be wave C) of a flat correction in wave (B) which is unfolding already since September 2012. In fact, price is approaching to some very interesting resistance zone around 81.70-82.00 (61.8% Fibo) where bulls could slow down. As such, larger trend for this market remains down, but only impulsive weakness from that resistance and back to 80.30 figure can confirm the bearish case. In such case we will look for a fall through wave (A) supports. In fact on a weekly chart below we are also observing a huge head and shoulders pattern while 84.00 level is not breached.

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