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Trading Results And Set-up Charts


Oct 07 2012

New trading quarter has come to an end, and as promised, we decided to share our all trading results since start of this year. We produced 1128 pips with 44 trades (W:22, L:18, B/E:4).

Please, click on the link below for more trading details. In fact, each trading opportunity that we shared includes a "set-up chart" for a particular pair based on Elliott Wave Principle. This might be very important for some readers, especially from educational point of view, and for those who are curious about the set-ups that we are constantly looking for.

You will notice that some of the trade set-ups in the report are marked as “canceled”. Unfortunately, those trades were never filled, but in more than 90% of the time market still moved in our anticipated direction. And this traders, we think is also very important to know; you build confidence on those "missed" trades because you know that your bias was right.

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