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Russia-US Tensions Plus Tehchnicals Can Cause Lower Stocks


Apr 11 2018

Hi everyone!

10 year US note bounced from the lows in the last two weeks while stocks accelerated to the downside, ideally within wave C which may not be over yet based on recent developments which suggests that ounce from start of April is corrective. In fact, here is also a slow price structure at the moment on 10 year, above 120'10 that looks like a wave (B) of an ongoing 3-leg recovery up to 122'00. If that is correct then stocks may see more downside, into 2500 area on S&P500 where wave C would be equal to wave A in distance. Also tensions between US and Russia are definitely not supportive for stocks either.

10 Year US Notes vs S&P500, 2h

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