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Holiday Schedule And "World-Reset" That We Needed


April 12 2020

Holidays (for those who are celebrating) are different this time due to global coronavirus lockdown. Plenty of people around the world are away from their families and friends, so its important to stay positive, patient and persistent, all for a better tomorrow.

Maybe, the world needed this slow-down, a World-reset is how I would call it. If I look back, everyone was in a hurry before, no-one didnt actually slow-down, look around and pay attention and appreciate the little things, which are actually the big things; such as love, time for others, time for ourselves. We were trapped in a daily routine of a fast life, full of material stuff and pushed away from real life because of social media.

We all have to realise that we dont need much for happiness; as long we have each other, the food on the table and health all is good. I can finally spend time with my kids, more than ever before. Its funny and sad at the same time, that we all live in same house and that something like coronavirus must happen to finally take time for our family, and not to be distracted by daily hectic pace of life.
I think that once coronavirus and lockdown will pass, we will look at the life from a different and much better perspective.

Stay safe


p.s. no market updates tomorrow, we will be back on Tuesday April 14th.

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