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10 Year US Notes Suggest More Gains On S&P500


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Nov 17 2015

Good day my readers!
After a long time I looked at the wave count of 10 year US notes to confirm my view on stocks. For those who are following my analysis, particularly on Twitter, will know that I am bullish on equities. After-all, how can someone be bearish if market is trading near all-time highs!? Anyway, some major global indexes turned nicely up in the last 24 hours, so if this trend will continue then US treasuries should fall as yields rise. Well, I checked the wave structure on 10-year US notes and see nice and clear bearish pattern in progress with an impulsive personality. Latest bounce appears to be only a contra-trend reaction, labeled as wave four which suggests more weakness in sessions ahead. If that is correct then S&P500 should stay bullish.

In fact S&P500 rallied with five waves from yesterday lows (charts available to members only) so more upside should be seen in sessions ahead. Ideally any decline will be short-term only as part of an uptrend.

Trade well,
10 Year US Notes wave count, and comparison with the S&P500

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