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Crude Oil Is Ready To Jump After A Correction


Oct 05 2020

Hello traders,

Crude oil moved sharply down during the coronavirus lockdown back in March, but energy quickly turned bullish again after economic stimulus packages across the globe. Energy rallied in five waves and completed a five-wave recovery from April lows, so current reversal in three waves is part of a corrective move in wave 2)/B).

Currently we are tracking sub-wave C lower, which can reach 34.6/30.7 area, where former swing lows, and Fib. Ratio of 38.2 can react as support. If we get a much deeper correction, then next support can be at 26.5/23.6 zone, where Fib. Ratio of 50.0 and 61.8 sit.
This deep retracement would be possible if second global coronavirus lockdown would repeat, but even then we think that sooner or later energy will find support as oil companies are now prepared much better than before, and doubt they would pump as much as they did back in March.

For more info check the video below:


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