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Saturday, Feb 17 2018 

We are proud to announce that after winning 2016 FXstreet award for best technical analysis, we again are on the top of their list for FXStreet2018 awards ???? . Thank you all for your trust and support! 
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Hello traders, we are here for you even on Saturday! Having a cup of coffee we are going through some Cryptos to see what's going on and we saw something interesting. Well, as you can see BTC went sharply higher while some ALTcoins stayed sideways and many traders started to speculate, that correction can be completed at this stage, but we are talking all the time that wave structures and patterns are the most important to recognize direction! And as you can see, wave structures are very sharp and impulsive, so we cannot say yet that Cryptos will go down here, especially when we take a look on LISK, which has clearly bullish pattern for much higher levels towards 58 level! Actually, LISK is not a leading cryptocurrency, but based on structures and targets on other cryptocurrencies, we think that Cryptos is not going to stop just like that and we don't expect any significant decline, so we think that rally will continue and any short decline will be just a temporary pullback within uptrend!
LSKUSD, 1h > Feb 17 2018
LSKUSD, 1h > Feb 01 2018

Friday, Feb 16 2018 

Traders, we want to show you another reason why we are bullish on Cryptos and how nicely bounced OmiseGO from projected support as we expected. As you know after completed correction we want to see five waves up, which would confirm bullish reversal and we think that it's already happening, so we remain bullish!
OMGUSD, 1h > Feb 16 2018
OMGUSD, 1h > Jan 29 2018

If you followed us, then you know how nicely moving Litecoin and it's pretty clear. It's currently trading in wave (iv) correction, where support can be around 200 level, from where we expect a bounce. So, we remain bullish for wave (v) as long as it's trading above 170 invalidation level!

Since we know that Cryptos are in positive correlation, there's also Dash, which shows evidences for higher levels towards minimum expectation level around 840 for wave C or III. So, we remain bullish as long as it's trading above 555 level.

Bitcoin Cash also doing very well as expected. So, as you know we are tracking third wave (C) or (3) up, where we see room for 1800 level, so we remain bullish as long as it's trading above 1185 invalidation level.

Just like BTC and other Cryptos also Ethereum looks pretty bullish for at least third wave C up towards 1100 level, and if it's wave 3 then maybe even 1300 level. Just keep in mind that bulls will be confirmed only above 1000 level. But, if from any reason drops below 800 level, then bulls wouldn't be confirmed and we will adjust the view.

Hello traders, let's finish this week with Bitcoin update, to prepare you for weekend. Well, you can see that BTC is in sharp rally of a third wave (iii)/C, which was expected and if you followed us through our FREE CRYPTO REPORT, you know why. Many traders expected bigger pullback to join the party or they just expected new lows and that's why a sharp move. So, we are tracking 2 targets; 10500-11000 for wave C, but if Bitcoin continue it's sharply uptrend towards 12300 level or higher, then it can be even wave (iii), which means that BTC can be back in bullish mode, but if BTC from any reason drops from 11000 below 8600, then bulls wouldn't be confirmed yet.

Thursday, Feb 15 2018

Ripple is slow and sideways, which usually means a correction, especially if we take a look at other cryptocurrencies, which are clearly bullish, so we think that Ripple is just part of complex wave (iv) correction, so sooner or later can be headed towards 1.40 level for wave (v).
XRPUSD, 1h    

Dash breaking higher after it made so small pullback in wave II, only back to 38,2% Fibo. retracement and so small corrections usually mean more sharp and impulsive wave C/III. Yes, we are looking for minimum expectations, which is wave C and can be headed towards 840 level, but if it's wave III, it may go even higher!
DSHUSD, 1h   

Hello traders, Cryptos finally breaking out into expected third wave up and as we know, third waves are usually the most impulsive and we don't actually know how long and how big is going to be. We want to show you how well Cryptos fit with EW, in case you missed our past updates on Litecoin. So, Litecoin is moving higher, where we see room for a third wave towards 240 level, where it may slow down for wave (iv), before continue it's uptrend for wave (v).
LTCUSD, 1h > Feb 15 2018
LTCUSD, 1h > Feb 12 2018

Wednesday, Feb 14 2018

Ethereum is very similar to BTC and other cryptocurrencies, since we know they are correlated! So, here as well we expect minimum three waves up towards 1130 level for wave C or 3 and if it's wave 3 we may see it even higher!
ETHUSD, 1h  

Hello traders! Bitcoin is still slow in a sideways price action, but seems like it's forming a triangle pattern, which is a continuation pattern. So, as you know we are expecting a minimum three waves up (a-b-c or i-ii-iii) towards 11k-12k levels. Of course it's a chance that wave (b/ii) becomes more complex and deeper down to 61,8% Fibo. retracement and 7k level, but in any case we expect that BTC will hunt a wave (c/iii) up to 11k-12k and if it's wave (iii) maybe even higher!

We shared educational chart on our tradingview channel about BITCOIN CASH! CLICK HERE

BITCOIN CASH Bounced; Bullish Reversal Is Here by ew-forecast on

Hello traders! Litecoin went nicely higher as expected and seems like wave c/iii is on the move towards 200 level, which is our minimum expectation for wave C, but if Litecoin breaks above 200 level towards 222 level, then it may be even wave iii, which is much bigger and this could lead into five wave rally, which would confirm a trend reversal!

Tuesday, Feb 13 2018


Ethereum is also slow and sideways just like other cryptocurrencies, still below bullish confirmation level, but we are here as well bullish, just keep in mind that ETH can test around 700 level and 50%-61,8% Fibo. retracement, before any strong bullish reaction. We will remain bullish as long as it's trading above 550 invalidation level.

Bitcoin is still trading below bullish confirmation level, so even BTC is looking for a complex w-x-y correction in wave ii/b, before continue higher, where support can be around 7000-7200 levels and 50%-61,8% Fibo. retracement, which is actually ideal reversal point, so anyhow we remain bullish, as long as it's trading above 5900 invalidation level.

Bitcoin Cash is also looking for a three-wave (a)-(b)-(c) decline in wave (2)/(B) after five-wave rally and bullish confirmation, in which wave (c) may test 1100 level around 50% and 61,8% Fibo. retracement before continue it's uptrend. You can also see a Head and Shoulders pattern in forming, so we remain bullish as long as it's trading above 754 invalidation level.

Hello traders, cryptocurrencies are moving lower today, which means that correction of wave II/b still can be in play, especially if we take a look on DASH, which is clearly showing that third wave (y) of a (w)-(x)-(y) c