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Crypto Currencies Free Analysis

Because of a lot of interest in crypto currencies by our readers we have decided to lunch a new page where we will be publishing analysis a few times per week. Please be aware that these are very risky and volatile markets, so before you may want to participate in them please read disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Our view is clearly technically oriented.

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Btc/Usd (Bitcoin) Top
AUG 18 2017
Bitcoin broke to new high, but because of missing wave C, we still think that this is a part of a bigger correction in wave 4, it's called a flat correction. So, support of wave 4 is still seen around 3500-3700 and 38,2% Fibonacci retracement.

Aug 14 2017

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Aug 13 2017
As we said, Bitcoin remains bullish, but it's in circled blue sub-wave 5 of higher degree III, so upside can be temporarily limited.
We expect a correction to follow into black wave IV with potential support coming in around 3500 soon.



Eth/Usd (Etherium) Top
Aug 13 2017

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency and many traders expect that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin on the long run. We however suspect, that many market participants buy Ethereum because they missed the train for Bitcoin. But Ethereum is not that bullish for the last few weeks, it does not track bitcoin on the same degree, so we think that ETH may remain trapped in a correction, especially once BTCUSD turns down for a bigger pullback.
Price move is slow, it's trapped within an unfolding bigger degree triangle. We see nice three waves up within red wave B, so we expect a new decline to follow into red wave C with support coming in around 200 level and near the 61,8% fibonacci retracement.

If from any reason Ethereum breaks above 300-350, then we will look for 3rd impulsive wave up!


Ltc/USD (Litecoin) Top
August 13 2017

Litecoin is a less popular crypto currency but still with a lot of volatility that can represent investment opportunities.
Litecoin made just like Ethereum a nice 3 waves up in red wave B, meaning we now expect a decline into red wave (C) of blue wave 4 correction, probably with five waves down.
There we see a nice support around 33-35, where former red wave 4 lays and after that we expect Litecoin back to bullish mode into blue wave 5.


Xrp/Usd (Ripple) Top
August 16 2017

We think that Ripple completed our highlighted wave E in triangle of wave 4, so in Elliott Wave Theory this means that new lows are likely coming with 5th wave down to 0.11.

August 13 2017

Ripple is sideways, still bearish but downside can be limited. We are tracking a triangle in black wave 4 of a big correction in blue wave B.
In Elliott wave theory triangles mean that trend is temporary limited, so after new lows are found around 0.11 region where we see a nice psychological support, we expect a new bullish run.

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Dash/Usd (Dash) Top
August 17 2017

Dash broke to new highs from an alternate wave 4 as we also showed on chart as one possibility in our past updates. As such we are going with this bullish count now since we see DASH in strong bullish movement wave 3 of 5 with first target @300, because of psychological level right at 261,8% extension of wave 2.